Dark Dreams Multimedia Collaboration

I have been talking and sharing ideas with writer Matthew John Benecke for some time now. He is a great writer and a great guy. He does an excellent job at painting an atmosphere, a tableau and giving a narrative backbone to any image that he has in his mind. After seeing my post about the Dark Dreams series he quickly drafted something up, made a video and sent it to me. I was blown away by the amount of feelings I got from watching it, making me imagine the whole scene and almost feeling the cold wind blowing, so I’ve decided to share it with you:

You should also check his books on www.matthewjohnbenecke.com

This video is his work, I only provided the photo. Hope we will work on something more in the future and I’ll be able to be a little bit more involved. The last months have been kind of a “dark dream” for me, so I find it really cool that Matthew took the time to work on something we talked about even if I couldn’t help much.


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