Fantasy landscape Photoshop actions

We have been trying to find ways of keeping some “recipes” of our photo editing process for some time. I like to document any interesting tries and have a collection of effects that can be applied to (most) nature photos. Then it struck me: the easiest way to keep track of these effects would be to make some actions of the adjustments that we have come to love over the years. We really like the way they turned out so we’ve made them available for others that want to try and get the “fantasy look” in their photos.

The first two packs are available on Creative Market:

The Fantasy Landscapes Photoshop actions

Fantasy landscapes Photoshop actions

Winter Dream Photoshop Actions Pack

Winter dream actions pack

All the actions have been tweaked and tested on hundreds of photos and have been made so that the effects are easily adjustable. Most of the edits are kept on separate layers so the layer opacity can be adjusted.

I hope there will be more actions available in the coming months because it’s a great way to make use of the editing skills that we’ve acquired in nearly a decade.

Here are some before/after images. As you can see the edits are subtle but can really enhance the look and feeling of a photo and give it that mysterious/dreamy/fantasy feel:

01 Dreamy Nature02 Eerie Night03 Autumn Sunset010304



Stocksy Top 5 of the Month – December 2017

It’s that time of the month again when I see how the last month has been and make a top of the most notable photos added to my gallery on Stocksy United. December had fewer additions than normal because of a late batch of images submitted on the 30th of November, so they don’t qualify for the top 5 of December, and also because of the Holiday season. But I still managed to find 5 great photos because as some of you might know – everything that I submit to Stocksy is well thought out and double curated. So here is my Top 5 for the month of December:

Winter dream

winter dream with frozen waterfall by PhotoCosma
Winter dream

Autumn tree in misty woods

Photo of colorful autumn tree in misty woods by photocosma
Autumn tree in misty woods

Abstract background water flow

Abstract background water flow

Birch woodland

Birch woodland

Abstract background with plant

Abstract background with plant

The Journey Continues

Man in surreal night landscape
Journey into the unknown

It’s been a long time since my last post. Hope you all had a wonderful end of the year and hope your new year is off to a good start. I’m off to a new start and lately at PhotoCosma we’ve been experimenting with some new things and also expanding some good old concepts that have become classics for us. With PhotoCosma entering it’s 10th year in 2018 we want to keep pushing things forward and experiment different things that add up to the atmospheric and surreal nature photography that you know and love.

The way things are, it’s always a journey into the unknown. But I am convinced that the knowledge we’ve acquired in the past 10 years will guide us forward into the night and all the pieces will fall into place.