Witching Hour

Halloween witching hour
Scary hands on old tree roots

This image is one of the favorites of people who visit my website and browse through the categories, so I thought I’d write a bit about how it was made. The timing should be great too – what better time to write about a dark scary image than Halloween?

Although it was June, the weather had been particularly cold so the weather conditions were great for mysterious foggy forest shots. Me and my brother had been wandering all day through the forest. The weather changed a lot of times from sun to rain so this brought a lot of opportunities. We ran like mad searching for light rays to capture and hid everything away looking for shelter when rain came pouring down. This happened throughout the day so later in the day we were pretty tired.

After chasing sun rays through the forest we reached a part that we didn’t know really well and were amazed to find some giant old trees with big twisted roots. It was really one of those special moments, one in which we felt our steps were guided there. One of those old trees stood out and I knew we had to make something special with it.

I’ve mounted my tripod in a strange position so I was afraid the camera was going to fall over, but it was worth it. I used a wide angle lens at 19 mm, an aperture of f/8 and an exposure of 1/3 seconds because the woods were really dark at that time. I had used hands before in photos to create a creepy surreal atmosphere and to make it seem like some kind of monsters were coming out from the ground. This time I used the hands of my brother coming from the sides of the frame and to the center. The final shot is a composite of 4 photos to make up for the fact that I didn’t have so many “hands models”. I love the darkness, the surreal feel and the overall mood of this photo.

That place really felt surreal and special so I am glad people like the image. For those of you who want to license dark scary surreal images, you can find it exclusively here: https://www.stocksy.com/1334681


Works featured on book, album covers and posters

These are some examples of book, album covers and movie posters made with photos from PhotoCosma. Over the years the list has grown, there are more out there but these are some of the most representative ones. Some were commissioned, others were made under my supervision while others were made with images purchased through various agencies.

The majority of the covers featured here are made by adding text to my images while others have bits of my images and bits of images from other artists . Here are some photos from PhotoCosma used for artworks:



Stocksy Top 5 – September 2017

It’s time to make a top of the most notable photos added on Stocksy in the previous month. September was a great month and it’s always hard to choose only 5 of them, but these are my top 5 picks:

Colorful autumn tree in winter

Colorful autumn tree in winter

White butterfly

White butterfly

Dark mysterious mountain peak

Dark mysterious mountain peak

Abandoned football field at sunrise with fog

Abandoned football field at sunrise with fog

View from top of mountain on cloudy day

View from top of mountain on cloudy day

Thats it! If you like what you are seeing please don not hesitate to like, share or comment.

Dew drops on green plant – simple things

Detail of fresh dew drops on green plant in the morning

This image – Dew drops on green plant – has been getting some attention lately and I remembered that it’s often the simple things that work. The dew covered plant is a subject that has been photographed again and again but each photo is unique and succeeds in transmitting that special morning freshness.

I took this photo on a foggy morning while I was trying to enrich my Magic of the Forest collection. After walking through the woods I got to a clearing and noticed the beautiful drops of dew on the green plants. I used my 90 mm macro lens, an exposure of 1/250 and f/8 @ ISO 160.  I used the flash to make the dew drops shine a little bit and pop out. Even if I photographed certain places a lot of times in the past 9 years, I am always delighted to find something interesting every time. I think this is the beauty of visual arts: you can discover a place over and over again and see it in a different way, a different perspective every time.

Stocksy Autumn Collection

stocksy autumn collection

I have curated and rearranged my Stocksy Autumn Collection and I am pleased with the results, so I thought of sharing it with you. From colorful mountain ranges to deep valleys and mysterious forests – it’s all there. It is made up of 91 high quality photos and growing every week. Head on to Stocksy United for exclusive and creative autumn photos:


Alone in the Dark

Night falls fast on the shore. There is no way back. I try to light my lantern but the chilling wind blows it out. I finally manage to keep it alight. This light should get me through the night. It’s warmth pierces through the black. I am an island of light in an ocean of darkness, easily spotted. I can’t escape the feeling that I am being watched, and my heart races. I can’t see very far but whatever might be lurking can see me. I have to calm down and find my way. The light paints strange and scary shapes. I have to keep going…