Stocksy Valentine’s Day Photos

Although I am usually interested in the atmospheric and moody part of nature, I also find flowers with their colors, softness and universal beauty as an appealing subject. I use techniques like screens and all sorts of textures placed in front of them to make them a bit more special. Maybe I’ll write more about the process sometime.

I’ve made the photos above (plus others) available in a gallery now just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can get them by clicking the link in the description of each photo, or by going to the gallery “The Softness of Flowers”


Summer rain

Summer rain in evening
Summer rain in sunset light

I’ve seen the setting sun shining trough the rain this evening, and I remembered about this photo. Sometimes the most interesting moments and unplanned. I was returning after a journey I made to photograph a cave (more on cave photography in the future I hope), and the day didn’t turn so well. It started raining, I had a long drive and the rain was just pouring down and it was really tiring to keep driving.

I decided to pull over to rest and see the landscape. I got off from the car and only took a few steps and the sun started shining trough the clouds and back-lighting the rain drops. I ran around like crazy trying to find something nice to highlight this beautiful phenomenon and found a tree on the meadow.

I had my 90mm lens with me, and it prove to be enough to frame this shot. I used a wide aperture (f2.8) to be able to have a fast shutter speed (1/200) to “freeze” the raindrops. Seeing them backlit by the sun always seems special to me even when I am just observing and I don’t have my camera with me, so I am really glad that I got this shot. It really seems magical to me.