Dew drops on green plant – simple things

Detail of fresh dew drops on green plant in the morning

This image – Dew drops on green plant – has been getting some attention lately and I remembered that it’s often the simple things that work. The dew covered plant is a subject that has been photographed again and again but each photo is unique and succeeds in transmitting that special morning freshness.

I took this photo on a foggy morning while I was trying to enrich my Magic of the Forest collection. After walking through the woods I got to a clearing and noticed the beautiful drops of dew on the green plants. I used my 90 mm macro lens, an exposure of 1/250 and f/8 @ ISO 160.  I used the flash to make the dew drops shine a little bit and pop out. Even if I photographed certain places a lot of times in the past 9 years, I am always delighted to find something interesting every time. I think this is the beauty of visual arts: you can discover a place over and over again and see it in a different way, a different perspective every time.