Cover Art Design

Cover Art Mockup

A new service from PhotoCosma is now available: cover art design. You can now choose your favorite photo from and have it custom made by us into your new cover art. Get in touch using the contact form and we’ll design the perfect cover (for albums, books, etc) for you in no time! Some examples can be seen on our website:


Grass Ain’t Greener single cover


I was thrilled to find out that one of my images is used as the basis for Chris Brown’s new single “Grass Ain’t Greener” cover art. The image was probably sold trough one of the agencies I work with, so I had no direct contact with the artist or his staff, but it’s nice to see a mainstream artist opting for such mysterious and atmospheric imagery.

My photos are used a lot for album covers, posters and artworks, but I think Chris Brown is the most known artist that used one of my photos for his artwork. Maybe I will write sometime about the other artists that used my images for their artwork.

Source for the artwork: