Dew drops on green plant – simple things

Detail of fresh dew drops on green plant in the morning

This image – Dew drops on green plant – has been getting some attention lately and I remembered that it’s often the simple things that work. The dew covered plant is a subject that has been photographed again and again but each photo is unique and succeeds in transmitting that special morning freshness.

I took this photo on a foggy morning while I was trying to enrich my Magic of the Forest collection. After walking through the woods I got to a clearing and noticed the beautiful drops of dew on the green plants. I used my 90 mm macro lens, an exposure of 1/250 and f/8 @ ISO 160.  I used the flash to make the dew drops shine a little bit and pop out. Even if I photographed certain places a lot of times in the past 9 years, I am always delighted to find something interesting every time. I think this is the beauty of visual arts: you can discover a place over and over again and see it in a different way, a different perspective every time.


Abstract nature

abstract colors in nature with spider web
Abstract colors in nature with spider web

Although I usually like muted tones, earth colors and atmospheric landscapes, I also enjoy looking for special patches of color in nature, small details that can be easily omitted by the naked eye. I like searching for interesting colors and textures in nature and then capturing them with my macro lens. I won’t get too technical, I use a 90 mm macro lens that does it’s job quite well. Looking closely I can find subjects that evade my sight when I am out to find bigger landscapes.

The photo above was taken when I was exploring a very interesting and hidden valley, while resting for a couple of minutes. What caught my eye was the really thick spider web with sand grains in it, but I realized I was looking at something interesting when I spotted the colors in the background, so I spend some time trying to capture something unique, and I am really glad I did because this is one of the most appreciated abstract photos of mine. It manages to have a strange atmosphere even though the colors are happier than usual.

I think it’s the micro-cosmos that captivates me in these kinds of images. It’s all about scale. Our world is huge compared to the tiny micro world, but tiny when compared to the immensity of space, just a sand grain caught in the web of time and space. This is why I like these small worlds I encounter on my journeys.

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