The Journey Continues

Man in surreal night landscape
Journey into the unknown

It’s been a long time since my last post. Hope you all had a wonderful end of the year and hope your new year is off to a good start. I’m off to a new start and lately at PhotoCosma we’ve been experimenting with some new things and also expanding some good old concepts that have become classics for us. With PhotoCosma entering it’s 10th year in 2018 we want to keep pushing things forward and experiment different things that add up to the atmospheric and surreal nature photography that you know and love.

The way things are, it’s always a journey into the unknown. But I am convinced that the knowledge we’ve acquired in the past 10 years will guide us forward into the night and all the pieces will fall into place.


Alone in the Dark

Night falls fast on the shore. There is no way back. I try to light my lantern but the chilling wind blows it out. I finally manage to keep it alight. This light should get me through the night. It’s warmth pierces through the black. I am an island of light in an ocean of darkness, easily spotted. I can’t escape the feeling that I am being watched, and my heart races. I can’t see very far but whatever might be lurking can see me. I have to calm down and find my way. The light paints strange and scary shapes. I have to keep going…







Winter Fairy Tale Walk

Man walking in fairy tale winter woods with snow flakes falling

I’ve had this photo added to the curated feed recently on Stocksy.

I’m glad others like it too, because I feel that it has a special winter fairy tale atmosphere. It is a photo taken in 2012, but I couldn’t find the perfect balance when editing it until now, so it spent almost 4 years in the making.

Even tough this doesn’t happen with all my photos, I do spend a lot of time getting everything right, and getting the right feel trough a discrete enough editing. Not to mention the planning of the trip, getting there and actually taking the photos in the right conditions.

Quality does need time, unfortunately the world has less and less time for quality. Just think about how quickly a new book, a new album or a new movie gets obsolete. Everyone just wants the next one and so on. There’s too little place for soul in art nowadays.