Fantasy landscape Photoshop actions

We have been trying to find ways of keeping some “recipes” of our photo editing process for some time. I like to document any interesting tries and have a collection of effects that can be applied to (most) nature photos. Then it struck me: the easiest way to keep track of these effects would be to make some actions of the adjustments that we have come to love over the years. We really like the way they turned out so we’ve made them available for others that want to try and get the “fantasy look” in their photos.

The first two packs are available on Creative Market:

The Fantasy Landscapes Photoshop actions

Fantasy landscapes Photoshop actions

Winter Dream Photoshop Actions Pack

Winter dream actions pack

All the actions have been tweaked and tested on hundreds of photos and have been made so that the effects are easily adjustable. Most of the edits are kept on separate layers so the layer opacity can be adjusted.

I hope there will be more actions available in the coming months because it’s a great way to make use of the editing skills that we’ve acquired in nearly a decade.

Here are some before/after images. As you can see the edits are subtle but can really enhance the look and feeling of a photo and give it that mysterious/dreamy/fantasy feel:

01 Dreamy Nature02 Eerie Night03 Autumn Sunset010304



Mysterious Forests of Transylvania Photo Book


Mysterious Forests of Transylvania Photo Book by Andrei Cosma and Sergiu Cosma

The forest is an enchanted place filled with wonder and mystery. When fog descends on to the trees time seems to move at a different pace from the outside world. Every step takes the traveler deeper into the woods and closer to a mysterious, dark and surreal world, where everything is possible. One can almost see the mythological creatures sneaking trough the forest and watching him from behind the trees. This is the realm where the legends are born, where the line between reality and fantasy is erased and where imagination is running wild.

I’ve been exploring the wonders of the forest alongside my brother for as long as I can remember. “Mysterious Forests of Transylvania” is a fine art coffee table book that focuses on the mystery and atmosphere of the enchanted woods that we spent so many days in. We want to bring the magic of the forest for the whole world to see.

You can get it in hardcover or paperback format, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, 48 Pages on Premium Matte paper, and you can also get a preview here: