Green Meadow in Spring

Spring with wild horses on green meadow
Wild horses on green meadow in spring

This photo of wild horses on a green meadow is one of my favorite spring images. It stuck trough the years and when I think about spring photos that I have in my portfolio this image always comes to my mind.

It’s taken some years ago in 2010. It was taking at the end of a day with no extraordinary conditions for photography when we were about to call it quits. We were following a herd of horses and didn’t have much luck getting close. The clouds were covering the sky and rain was approaching but as we got to a hilltop a ray of light from the setting sun started shining over the meadow and was casting beautiful long shadows of horses and trees. The silhouettes of the horses give a sense of the grand scale of the landscape.┬áThe soft light gave that fantasy landscape aesthetic that I always search for, a fine art aesthetic. I used a tele lens at 90 mm and a 1/320 shutter speed with f4,5 because I was shooting handheld due to the fact that the conditions were rapidly changing and didn’t have time to set up a tripod.


Stocksy Valentine’s Day Photos

Although I am usually interested in the atmospheric and moody part of nature, I also find flowers with their colors, softness and universal beauty as an appealing subject. I use techniques like screens and all sorts of textures placed in front of them to make them a bit more special. Maybe I’ll write more about the process sometime.

I’ve made the photos above (plus others) available in a gallery now just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can get them by clicking the link in the description of each photo, or by going to the gallery “The Softness of Flowers”