Cover Art Design

Cover Art Mockup

A new service from PhotoCosma is now available: cover art design. You can now choose your favorite photo from and have it custom made by us into your new cover art. Get in touch using the contact form¬†and we’ll design the perfect cover (for albums, books, etc) for you in no time! Some examples can be seen on our website:


Works featured on book, album covers and posters

These are some examples of book, album covers and movie posters made with photos from PhotoCosma. Over the years the list has grown, there are more out there but these are some of the most representative ones. Some were commissioned, others were made under my supervision while others were made with images purchased through various agencies.

The majority of the covers featured here are made by adding text to my images while others have bits of my images and bits of images from other artists . Here are some photos from PhotoCosma used for artworks: