Stocksy Top 5 of the Month: February 2018

Hello everyone, it’s time to choose the best photos that were accepted on Stocksy the previous month. There have been some wonderful additions to the collection and this month the 800 mark will be passed.

Some of the best of my photos that were accepted in February include one of the last sunsets of the winter, surreal photos from approaching storms, night photos of trees in bloom and abstract photos of space nebula’s and snow disintegrating.

Here are my top 5 photos of the month on Stocksy United:

Man in winter dusk with moon above

Man in winter dusk
Man in winter dusk with moon above

Ghost Tree

surreal ghost tree in bloom in spring at nigh
Ghost tree

Waiting for the storm

Man waiting for the storm with heavy skies
Waiting for the storm

Violet space nebula

abstract space background with violet and blue with stars
Violet space nebula

Minimal abstract snow detail

Minimal abstract snow detail

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