At the start of a surreal journey


mysterious forest
Mysterious dark surreal forest with fog trough trees

When I took this photo back in 2009 I already had some experience with photography, but I think this was the moment when I managed to detach myself from all the technical clutter, to clear my mind and really see nature in a new light. All the technical stuff became automatic and I could just concentrate on the mood, on the feeling and be absorbed into the mysterious surreal world that was unfolding before me. If there was a moment when the way I saw photography changed, this was it.
It was a rainy June afternoon. The rain was pouring down so bad that it was impossible to take photos. Everything drenched, water flowing everywhere. Luckily, I got a small window of opportunity when the rain stopped.

The difference in temperature was so great that a nearby mountain was wrapped in fog. I entered the dark mountain forest and realised that this was something special – the late hours of the afternoon, the thick fog, the  eerie mysterious twisted trees – it all made the place look like something out of this world. I had a feeling that I was going to have again and again in the coming years. I was inside some other place. The world outside was no longer important. The surreal world I was in had a haunting silence, full of mystery and wonder.

Next thing I know the rain started pouring down again with even more force. The equipment was soaked, I was soaked. I stayed for a couple more shots. It was worth it. After a little while the fog disappeared. The gate to this fantasy world was closed, and I didn’t know for how long. Luckily it was closed only for a short time, and the mysterious forests series became one of my favorites, still in the  making today. Everything changed that Sunday afternoon…

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